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A personal statement is often overlooked in applications, yet it can become that special something that can lead to an interview. Most people overlook this concept. Therefore, they believe that they can write it themselves. Whether it comes to a job application or a university, these things represent a viable introduction with words only – no gestures, no charisma and no elegance. With our personal statement writers, you have the opportunity to make the difference and stand up in the crowd. Ease the application and make an outstanding impression, no matter how simple it seems to write this statement yourself.

Each personal statement writer in our team has completed such requests for all kinds of people. Our writers do have the experience needed to impress someone with nothing but words. When interested in applying for a college or a university, you should know that our statements are based on four major areas of interest.


First and foremost – why do you want to study this course? If you ask 100 different students this question, 99% of them will give similar answers. They are suitable for it, they like it and they would want a career in it. Use the same ideas and you are less likely to impress anyone. Use something else and you will stand up in the crowd. This is what we are willing to do for you – make you appear special and different, rather than just another old fashioned template on a desk.


How are you qualified to start it? Once again, the majority of all applicants will simply mention their skills and previous education. Everyone can do that, but we take this a little further. Not only we emphasize your pluses and qualities, but we will do it in a professional manner.

Why You

Why are you better than other candidates? Step out of the crowd and avoid clichés. Think about it for a minute – you are better because you at least try harder. You rely on a professional service to do this for you, so you will look like an actual professional pursuing further education, rather than just a newbie following a cliché.


What do you plan to do once you manage to graduate? This is where our professional personal statement writers leave room for impressive plans and future aspirations. This is the final part of the statement – the part that will convince the reader to schedule you for an interview.

In the end, our primary mission is to make admissions a breeze, but also to help aspirants make a good impression. We are professionals, so we know what they want to read before interviewing people. Once we are done with the statement, the rest is up to you.

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